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M.Eng. Systems Engineering

 Study plan for M.Eng. Systems Engineering

 Winter semester (Semester 1):

Embedded Systems

Internet Technology

Virtual Modelling

Real-time Systems

Compulsory optional modul 1

 Summer semester (Semester 2):

Languages and Machines

Pattern Matching

Business to Business - Communication

KLR 2 - Modern Cost Management


Sensors and Actuators

Applied Communication Systems

Communication Systems

Compulsory optional modul 2

 Winter semester (Semester 3):

 Master’s Thesis

 Please keep in mind that all courses are taught in German only.

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the International
 Office at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University: bast(at)


Do you need additional information?
Please contact

Dr. Conny Bast
International Office
Tel. +49 (0)7571/732-9205
E-Mail: bast(at)