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M.Sc. Digital Forensics

 Study plan for M.Sc. Digital Forensics, 120 ECTS credits,

 Winter semester (Semester 1): 

Introduction to Computing

Introduction to Script Programming

Introduction to Internet Technology

Programming Basics

Practical Trainig on Construction, Attacking Methods  and Security of Computer Networks

 Summer semester (Semester 2):

Operating Systems

Computer Networks

Law of Media and Information Technology

 Winter semester (Semester 3):

IT Security

Basics of Digital Forensics

Cybercrime and Criminal Law

 Summer semester (Semester 4):

File Analysis Forensics

Live Response

Cybercrime and Criminal Procedure

 Winter semester (Semester 5):

Reverse Engineering

Browser and Application Forensics

White Collar Crime and its Prosecution

 Summer semester (Semester 6):

 Master’s thesis

 Please keep in mind that M.Sc. Digital Forensics is taught as a distance-learning 
 course in German only. 

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ms.Doris Dobranic,


Staff members of M.Sc. Digital Forensics are also part of SENTER (EU-Project: Strenghtening European Network Centres of Excellence in Cybercrime").


Ms. Doris Dobranic
Institut für Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung
Studiengang Digitale Forensik
Telefon: +49 (0)7571 / 732-9457
E-Mail: dobranic(at)