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Institute of Applied Research

The Institute of Applied Research (IAF) was founded in 1995. It is a central facility at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University and plays a key role in promoting research projects. The functions of the institute range from acting as a hub for research activities to serving as a forum for establishing collaborations between university members and companies. The IAF combines the knowledge of the academic staff under one roof, which ensures a professional and stimulating cooperation with business partners. The academic community at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University combines vast expertise across many disciplines such as:
  • Clothing Technology
  • Business Administration
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Food / Nutrition / Hygiene
  • Facility Management
  • Communication and Software Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Textile and Clothing Technology
  • Business Informatics
  • Business Administration and Engineering

Role, Focal Point of Research and Spectrum of Services

The IAF provides a forum for industry, researchers, scientists and students to discuss issues of topical interest with peers, thus fostering the close interplay between the practical and the scientific. Research-minded people are invited to use this platform for exchanging ideas and information, pooling technical know-how and establishing personal contacts.

Being the central office for coordinating and organising research activities, the IAF helps to achieve these goals:

  • advancing cross-disciplinary research projects between academic departments
  • promoting and supporting research and development projects in which regional business partners are deeply involved
  • encouraging students to play an active role in applied research.

The IAF is keen to promote research activities by making effective use ofresources available such as:

  • technical knowledge and experience
  • sophisticated research infrastructure
  • access to information networks and services.

In agreement with other institutes of applied research, "Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing" has previously been the main focus of research activities.

Due to the wide range of special knowledge at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, current research projects stretch across various disciplines as outlined at the top of this page.

The services offered by the IAF focus on organisations, people engaged in research work and students of the academic departments. The spectrum of services ranges from research activities, specific events, lectures, papers and presentations to special services, and presentations by experts on subjects which aim at assisting individuals in their occupational choice.

The breakdown of the services offered is as follows:

  • providing expert advice on matters concerning the application for research projects funding through different national and international funding programmes and through research foundations
  • assisting individuals in conducting applied research and development projects at a pre-competitive stage in co-operation with regional business partners from the craft and industrial sector
  • hosting courses and seminars on carefully selected issues submitted by all academic departments at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University
  • helping individuals in dealing with concrete problems encountered in academia
  • providing information on innovative technologies
  • supporting the search for partners to carry out collaborative projects, assisting individuals in implementing research and development projects, with taking financial assistance schemes into account
  • helping students to find a practical training
  • supporting students intensively by providing comprehensive information and material for longer essays, special projects and dissertations

This list includes the basic services offered by the IAF. The spectrum of services may be extended to meet latest requirements when needed.


IAF - Institute for applied research Contact persons


IAF Office

Dipl.-Ing. Volker Oertel

Tel. +49-(0)7571-732-9159






Head of IAF

Prof. Dr. Holger Moeller

Tel.: +49-(0)7571-732-9182




Prorector of research

Prof. Dr. Dirk Berndsen

Tel.: +49-(0)7571-732-9235




Institute for Engineering and Business Studies (FIW)

Prof. Dr. Holger Moeller

Tel.: +49-(0)7571-732-9182




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