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To the library  (unfortunately in German only)

As a public academic facility, the library is responsible for providing services that promote teaching and research for all programs of study offered. The library's entire collection currently includes 50,000 items, 140 of which are current editions of professional journals.

The open access layout enables technical and scientific literature to be read onsite in campus reading rooms. Reference books of key importance are not permitted to be removed and are therefore always available. Photocopying facilities are provided.

The library's collection is managed by modern high-performance library software known as HORIZON. Since it is affiliated to the Südwestdeutschen Bibliotheksverbund (SWB), the library is part of a larger network of technical and scientific libraries.

Items not held at the library can be obtained via an interlibrary loan. The latest technical and scientific information can be obtained by searching external databases online.



Dipl.-Bibliothekarin Susanne Fuchs


Tel.: 07571/ 732-8340




Sigmaringen Campus





Acting Director:


Dipl.-Bibliothekarin Jutta Rumpel


Dipl.-Bibliothekarin Kerstin Cevajka


Tel.: 07571/ 732-9179


Albstadt Campus