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Scholarship/grants for International Students


Foreign students interested in the current funding possibilities for studies in Germany can contact

a) organisations / government agencies in the home country or

b) the German Academic Exchange Service (


Consult the DAAD scholarship database which provides information on individual funding procedures: => Information for foreigners => Support => Scholarship database


However, you should consider that German organisations are less inclined to finance first-year students who take up a Bachelor’s programme. Most of the organisations tend to support more advanced students and usually provide financial assistance from the third semester onwards. Your chances of getting a scholarship/grant increase if you apply for financial assistance which helps individuals to attend a Master’s degree course.


Albstadt-Sigmaringen University does not offer scholarships or grants. 


Do you need additional information?
Please contact

Dr. Conny Bast
International Office
Tel. +49 (0)7571/732-9205
E-Mail: bast(at)