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Student Welfare Service Tübingen

The Student Welfare Services Tuebingen-Hohenheim is entrusted with the social welfare of students based at Albstadt and Sigmaringen. This organisation handles all economic aspects rendering participation in higher education possible or easier. In addition, the Student Welfare Services is responsible for running a cafeteria and a student restaurant (Mensa) at both locations. Students who need counselling find professional help at the psychological advisory board. Moreover, this central facility is in charge of managing a student residence and rents a number of private apartments to students.

For information on the cafeteria in Sigmaringen and Albstadt, click here.

The refectory and cafeteria at the Sigmaringen campus are located within the main building. The cafeteria at Albstadt Campus is situated in the Mechanical Engineering (MAB) building at Jakobstrasse 1.
Warm meals are served in both cafeterias.