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Support for Students


Student life at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University

Studying and extra-curricular activities

Naturally, students mainly focus on attending lectures, studying and pursuing their academic career. However, the university offers students the chance to take part in a great number of leisure activities. This is a unique opportunity to spend some time with peers, establish personal contacts, learn about things you will never find in scientific papers and have a lot of fun with new people.
The activities range from open lectures, student excursions and parties to a great diversity of exciting events.

Connect regularly to keep yourself informed about current events and dates. Students` Union (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss, AStA)

The Students` Union (AStA) acts as representative of the student body corporate and occupies itself with the academic and social interests of students.
At Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, the student parliament usually elects six members who constitute the student self-administration executive body. 
The Students` Union is involved in the national higher education system for the purposes of safeguarding student interests in higher education policy issues and in social and cultural affairs.
The members are committed to dealing with academic affairs which concern students as a whole. Moreover, this group of people dedicates itself to fostering interregional and international relations between students.
Besides these activities, the Students` Union is engaged to organise and promote events in the area of fine arts, culture and sports. Within their terms of reference, the Students` Union offices at Albstadt and Sigmaringen also provide students with free legal advice regarding the German Federal Law on Universities of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschulgesetz).

If you have particular queries, feel free to give a call to the Students` Union or send an e-mail. You find the contact details listed below.

Albstadt Campus

Tel. +49-(0)7571-732-9198


Sigmaringen Campus

Tel. +49-(0)7571-732-8268


Welfare Services(Studentenwerk)

The Student Welfare Services Tuebingen-Hohenheim is responsible for providing social support to students which are based at Albstadt and Sigmaringen.

If you are worried or unhappy, the Student Welfare Services Tuebingen-Hohenheim offers a psychotherapeutic counselling service which is free for students.

At both campuses, fill up your energy at the cafeteria and student restaurant run by the Student Welfare Services. Our friendly staff will be pleased to serve you. The student restaurants offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. Come along for a lunch, a snack or a cup of coffee. If you take up your studies in Sigmaringen, provide yourself with food and drinks at the student restaurant located within the main building. At the Albstadt campus, hot meals are available in the cafeteria based in the new Mechanical Engineering (MAB) building at Jakobstrasse 1.

Student Accommodation Services
The Student Welfare Services Tübingen-Hohenheim is responsible for running halls of residence which have been recently built in Albstadt. Students have the opportunity to apply for accommodation resided at Sonnenstraße 48 or at Poststraße 22/1 and 22/2, 72458 Albstadt.

The Student Welfare Services Tübingen-Hohenheim coordinates and manages the allocation of places in student residences located in Albstadt-Ebingen. You may also contact the administrative assistant, Ms. Abinante Fina (phone: +49-(0)7071-969715).

Students residing in Albstadt and Sigmaringen often stay in private rooms. The Student Welfare Service Tübingen-Hohenheim provides lists of private accommodation, see here.

Further links (in German only)

Sports activities
The leisure programmes at Albstadt and Sigmaringen campuses cover a great variety of sports activities. We invite all members of the university to join these programmes which take place under the guidance of professional coaches.
Above all, this offer represents a means to relax and to have a good time with other people. The fun factor is an essential element – you need not become  a top athlete! Contact the Students` Union to get information on all current sports activities and take a look at the notice boards.

Caring for the spiritual welfare of students
Being supported by the Protestant and Catholic churches in Germany, the ecumenical student community offers students of any faith the chance to receive spiritual guidance and exchange personal thoughts.
The group aims at talking about crucial issues of our time. Faith serves hereby as the basis for dealing with matters such as personal religious belief, self-development, spiritual values and leading a life characterised by a strong sense of moral responsibility.
Students are invited to attend lectures, discussion groups, workshops and weekend seminars.

You can also find a Synagogue and a Mosque.