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Information for Exchange students

WELCOME to Albstadt-Sigmaringen University!

We look forward to having you here with us and will help you to get the best experience possible for your exchange semester.

Please check the entries below for detailed information.



  • Swinburne University
  • Griffith University


  • FH Joanneum Graz ERASMUS
  • MCI Management Center Innsbruck ERASMUS
  • FHG Zentrum für Gesundheitsberufe Innsbruck ERASMUS


  • Universidade Federal de Sao Joao del Rei UFSJ
  • Universidade Estadual Paulista "Julio de Mesqita Filho" UNESP

Czech Republic

  • University of Liberec ERASMUS
  • Univerzita Jana Evangelisty Purkyne v Usti nad Labem ERASMUS


  • Tallinn University of Applied Sciences (TKTK) ERASMUS


  • Université de Savoie Mont Blanc ERASMUS
  • Université d'Angers ERASMUS
  • Université de Haute Alsace ERASMUS


  • Kajaani University of Applied Sciences ERASMUS
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences ERASMUS

Great Britain (UK)

  • University of South Wales
  • University of Westminster


  • Obuda University ERASMUS
  • Szechenyi Istvan University Györ ERASMUS
  • John von Neumann University Kecskemet ERASMUS


  • Dorset College Dublin
  • National University of Ireland Maynooth ERASMUS


  • Reichmann University Herzliya


  • Università degli studi di Palermo ERASMUS


  • German Jordanian University

Korea (Republic)

  • Korea University
  • Inha University
  • Dankook University


  • Vilnius University of Applied Sciences ERASMUS
  • Kaunas University of Technology ERASMUS
  • Lithuanian Business University of Applied Sciences Klaipeda ERASMUS
  • Vilnius University ERASMUS
  • Generolo Jono Zemaicio Lietuvos karo akademija Vilnius  ERASMUS


  • Multimedia University


  • Universidad Panamericana
  • Tecnologico de Monterrey
  • ITESO Guadalajara


  • Isla Santarem ERASMUS


  • Högskolan i Boras ERASMUS


  • Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz SEMP
  • ZHAW Zürich SEMP


  • Universidad de Vigo ERASMUS
  • Universidad Ramon Llull - La Salle ERASMUS
  • Universidad de Valladolid ERASMUS
  • Universidad de Sevilla ERASMUS
  • Unie, Madrid ERASMUS
  • Universidad de Salamanca ERASMUS


  • Izmir University of Economics ERASMUS
  • Istanbul Aydin University ERASMUS
  • Ege University Izmir ERASMUS
  • Fenerbahce University Istanbul ERASMUS


  • California State University Fullerton


  • Tashkent Institute of Textiles and Light Industry
  • Namangan Institute of Textile Industry


    Albstadt-Sigmaringen University offers several Study Abroad certificate in English exclusively for students from partner universities.

    Every offer consists of a 30 ECTS package of courses in specialized fields of study.

    We offer:

    a) for students in Textile: Textile (Fall semester) and Textile (Spring semester). These programmes are on offer on our Albstadt campus.

    b) for students in Life Science: Food, Nutrition, Hygiene (both in Fall semester and also in Spring semester) and Pharmaceutical Technology (both in Fall semester and also in Spring semester). These programmes are on offer on our Sigmaringen campus.

    c) for students in Computer Science: IT Security (Fall semester only. Courses will change slightly for Fall 2025). This programme is on offer on Albstadt campus.

    d) for students in Industrial Engineering: Industrial engineering (Fall and also Spring semester). This programme is on offer on Albstadt campus.

    At our university, you can choose courses from different degree programmes and different semester levels.
    You can also mix courses from Albstadt campus with courses on Sigmaringen campus.
    You can even choose courses that differ completely from your home programme!

    Remember to check if our Study Abroad certificates might be an option for you, as you will never experience timetable clashes in these programmes.

    Most courses in English are taught both in Fall and in Spring. Exceptions are clearly marked in the course list.
    The courses in M.Sc. Life Science Innovation are open ONLY for Master degree students.

    Bachelor Courses in English
    Master Courses in M.Sc. Life Science Innovation (SS = Spring semester, WS = Fall semester)

    !!! The semester level does not give information on Fall /Spring but will tell you if it's an advanced course or not. The higher the number, the more advanced the course.

    Once you have been nominated from your International Office, we are looking forward to receiving the following documents from you:

    1. Application form (please fill in electronically (!), then print it, sign it and scan again to PDF)
    2. Recent transcript of records
    3. Curriculum Vitae 
    4. Photo for student ID (passport size, may be a smiling picture), JPG format!
    5. List of courses which you would like to study at our university, minimum 20 ECTS credits  (German as a foreign language (2,5 ECTS) is compulsory for everybody who does not speak German on C1/C2 level)
    6. Proof of English language competence (if you want to take classes in English only and if your mother's tongue is not English) or proof of German language competence (if you want to take classes in German)
    7. A copy of the main photograph page from the passport or both pages of your national ID if you have an EU nationality. !! If you have dual citizenship, remember to send scans of both passports!
    8. EU students only: Copy of your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC, blue card)

    Deadline for applications:

       * April 30th for the fall winter semester (Sept. - Febr.)
       * October 30th for the spring semester (Mar. - Jul.) 

    Please send your documents by e-mail in one PDF file (max. 5 MB in total) + one JPG with your picture to Conny Bast at io(at)

    Although we require a list of courses from you when you apply, you will have to set up your Online Learning Agreement once you have been accepted.

    We no longer accept Learning Agreements in PDF format but only the digital ones that are sent through the ERASMUS Without Paper (EWP)- network. Please check with your university which system you use to prepare your OLA.

    Entries for your Online learning agreement:

    ERASMUS code: D  SIGMARI01
    Responsible person at our university: Dr. Conny Bast
    Admin person at our university: Dr. Conny Bast
    Tel.No. +49 7571 732 9205

    If you don't speak German, it's nearly impossible to find a place to stay in the city. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you apply for a room in our student house which is next to campus.
    Electricity, water, heating and internet is included in the rent.

    Albstadt campus: Link to housing (click on the picture of the student house to get further information)

    Sigmaringen campus: Link to housing (click on the picture of the student house to get further information)

    You can directly apply for a place once you have received your confirmation letter from us.

    It's compulsory for every student (German and international alike) to have a valid health insurance. We cannot enrol you to our university if you cannot provide a valid insurance.
    Costs are around 100 - 130 Euros /month.

    EU students only: Please send a scan of your European Health insurance card (the blue card). Your home health insurance will be fully valid in Germany.

    Students from Turkey only: Please send a scan of your TA/E 11 document (ask at your local health insurance). Your home health insurance will be fully valid in Germany.

    Everybody else:

    We do NOT accept the following insurances:
    - Mawista
    - Dr. Klemmer
    - Dr. Walther
    - non-German insurances of any kind (exceptions might occur for Swiss nationals, please contact the International Office)

    You must apply for either a state health insurance ( see list here) or alternatively for DAAD insurance.



    The following costs will occur during your semester:

    a) before you start your journey:

    • Flight to Germany (amount depends on your country of origin)
    • Key deposit of 600 Euros for student accommodation + rent for the first month once you have received your renting contract. The key deposit will be returned completely if you leave your room in the same condition as it was when you started your tenancy.
    • Starter pack for student house with full bedding (80 Euros). You can also opt for second-hand bedding and safe this money.

    b) once every semester:

    • 152,80 Euros (as of 2/2024) administration fee (same amount for German and International students /ERASMUS students alike, it covers the fees for the student welfare service of each German university and is not identical to tuition fees. Exchange students are exempt from tuition fees.)

    c) every month:

    • rent (290 - 330 Euros depending on the type of room)
    • food (200 - 300 Euros)
    • health insurance (100 - 130 Euros)
    • leisure and travel (depends on your own budget)

    Most non-EU students will require a visa to enter Europe. The requirements for the visa application vary slightly from country to country, therefore check with the German embassy in your home country which documents you need to prepare.

    One important document is proof that you hold sufficient funding for your stay in Germany. The German government has set the required amount at 992 Euros / month / 5.952 Euros for one semester  (as of 07/2024). In order to prove that you have sufficient money, you must set up a so-called "blocked account" with a German bank.
    There are several German providers that offer a blocked account. The biggest ones are

    You need to select one of the providers, open an account and transfer the money to your account + the fee to set up the account/monthly fee.

    The provider will then issue a document stating that you possess a blocked bank account with .. € on it. This document is essential for your visa application!
    Every month that you are in Germany, they will transfer exactly 992 Euros of the complete amount of money to your German debit bank account (we will help you to set up the German account once you have arrived here).

    Scholarship holders: If you hold a scholarship for your stay in Germany, make sure to include the scholarship letter to your visa application. If the grant that you will receive is less than 992 Euros / month, your blocked account must cover the difference.

    Students from Brazil and South Korea:
    You will enter Europe WITHOUT a visa. Once you have arrived, we will help you to apply for an eAT-card (electronic permit of stay) at the foreign affairs office at the town hall. The fee for the eAT-card is 100,00 Euro. Students who will get a German scholarship are exempt from this fee.

    Please see our International student handbook for more information.

    At the end of the semester we will issue a transcript of records for every exchange student. The transcript will be sent to you and to your home university coordinator/International Office by e-mail once the exams have been corrected and the professors have put your marks into our exam registration system.
    Should you require a document on paper, make sure to let uns know!

    Grading System at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University 

    Any doubts or in need of more information? Then please check our fact sheet  for exchange students and don't hesitate to contact Dr. Conny Bast from the International Office at io(at)