EAST-Danube Mentoring Program

The EAST-Danube Mentoring Program is a joined initiative of three universities for applied sciences: Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Reutlingen University, and HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences.

The mentoring program aims to empower highly qualified women from Eastern European countries to pursue an academic career as university professor in Germany. By specifically targeting recruitment from the Danube region (Romania, Hungary and Bulgaria) as well as among Ukrainian refugee women in Germany, the program not only addresses the shortage of qualified professionals and the underrepresentation of women in academia, but also contributes to international diversity in teaching and research. This initiative is a key factor in enhancing quality and sustainability in the field of science.

The EAST-Danube project is financed both by EU trough the European Social Fund (ESF Plus) in Baden-Württemberg and by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, and Integration of Baden-Württemberg.

  • Increase the proportion of female professors at universities of applied sciences in Germany

  • Promote scientific exchange, international cooperation in teaching and research, and repeated cross-border mobility

  • Promote transnational scientific careers through the establishment of new (recruitment) networks in science and industry; promote and standardize intercultural competences; foster diversity in appointment procedures; promote young talents.

  • Gain expertise in lowering structural barriers for transnational scientists (e.g. with regard to regulations and certification authorities for foreign qualifications, childcare, dual career, and German language skills).

For mentees

Over a period of two years, mentees receive a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • A tandem with an experienced professor from one of the three universities as mentor
  • Individual coaching
  • (German) language courses 
  • Peer mentoring
  • Information on university structures and application procedures in Germany
  • Counselling and information provided by the coordination office and invited experts.
  • Support in fulfilling the requirements for obtaining a professorship in Germany
  • Assistance in the application process, and practical application trainings for job interviews at universities. 


For mentors

Mentors benefit from connecting with international early-career researchers, and establish connections with the network universities. Mentors can draw on a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Individual briefing for the preparation of their mentoring
  • Customized trainings, for example, to expand their intercultural competences
  • Networking with other mentors in the consortium for exchange
  • Individual coaching sessions

How do I become a mentee?

Selection criteria:

  • You are in the postdoc phase or shortly before submitting your dissertation.
  • You have pedagogical experience (ideally from the university environment – for example, by leading seminars or individual lectures).
  • You have work experience (ideally at least 2-3 years) outside the university or academia.
  • You have knowledge of the German language (level at least A2).

If you are in the postdoc phase or are about to submit your dissertation and meet at least two of the above criteria, we look forward to receiving your application!

The first mentoring program starts in January 2025.

Application deadline: December 31, 2024

In addition to a resume, the application should also include a motivation letter (maximum 2 pages). Please send your documents for participation in the first round to the following address:

Albstadt-Sigmaringen University
Luminita Nicula



How do I become a mentor?

The mentors are professors from the three network universities. In principle, any professor willing to introduce mentees to the current conditions at the universities of applied sciences (HAWs) is eligible to become a mentor

The offers for mentors will begin in the second half of 2024.

If you are interested, simply contact the contact one of the following persons at your university:

Albstadt-Sigmaringen University 
Luminita Nicula

Reutlingen University 
Louisa Söllner

HTWG Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences
Michaela David

Sina Binder