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Bachelor Level


All Bachelor's degree programmes at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University have a duration of seven semesters with 210 ECTS credits. Semester 5 is a practial semester which takes place in the industry. Every Bachelor's degree programme finishes with a Bachelor's thesis.
Language of instruction of the programmes is German. For a list of courses taught in English please klick Courses in English HS AlbSig.pdf here.

Faculty of Engineering:

B. Eng. Textile and Clothing Technology
B. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
B.Eng. Material and Process Engineering
B. Sc. Business Administration and Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science

B. Eng. Computer Engineering
B. Sc. Business Informatics

Faculty of Life Sciences

B. Sc. Facility Management
B. Sc. Food / Nutrition / Hygiene
B. Sc. Pharmaceutical Technology 

Faculty of Business Science and Management
B. Sc. Business Administration


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