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Celebrating Cultural Fusion: Albstadt-Sigmaringen University's International Cooking Event

Albstadt-Sigmaringen University's culinary tradition reached new heights of international flair with its recent cooking event on April 26th, spearheaded by Luis Schumann, a student from the B. Sc. Food Nutrition and Hygiene program. The centerpiece of the cooking event was a recipe book designed by Luis Schumann and supervised by Prof. Klingshirn and Dr. Conny Bast, head of the International Office. The basic idea was to introduce international students to Swabian cuisine and culture. Each dish comes with the recipe but also sensory descriptions, origins, and history.

Guided by Schumann's expertise, international students eagerly delved into a culinary adventure, underlining the university's commitment to cross-cultural exchange and gastronomic exploration. Schumann's meticulously curated cooking concept and recipe book served as the compass for this gastronomic journey to typical dishes from Southern Germany.

The cooking event unfolded with a trio of courses, each showcasing the flavors of the region: For starters, participants rolled up their sleeves to craft homemade bread. The main course spotlighted the beloved Flammkuchen, presented in two variations – with savory meats and bursting with fresh seasonal vegetables. Last but not least, a freshly baked Apfelstrudel served as a fitting finale to a feast of global proportions.

Accompanied by Dr. Conny Bast, students not only savored Swabian flavors, but also forged lasting connections across cultures. This event exemplifies our university's dedication to fostering understanding and appreciation through the universal language of food.

Many thanks to Luis Schumann for orchestrating this event and the engaged commitment and support of Conny Bast – and to all incoming students who embarked on this exciting journey!