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ERASMUS+ visit from Vilniaus Kolegija, Lithuania

From June 5th to 7th, Inga Jančauskienė and Edia Kauryniene, two scientists from Vilniaus Kolegija, Lithuania, Faculty Agribusiness Technologies, visited the Faculty of Life Sciences of Albstadt-Sigmaringen University as part of the ERASMUS+ program. The visit began with a comprehensive introduction to the university by Dr. Conny Bast, Head of the International Office and continued with a broad insight into the university and the topics covered in the B. Sc. Program Food, Nutrition & Hygiene. 

The guests attended a lecture on Applied Sensory and Consumer Science by Prof. Hempel and participated in a Food Product Development lab session led by Prof. Klingshirn. They also joined a field trip to the pasta manufacturer ALB-GOLD, which provided a practical perspective on food production and quality control.

During their visit, the scientists presented their home institution and its specialized departments to colleagues and students at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University. This exchange fostered valuable discussions on research, particularly in the field of agricultural sciences, and explored potential collaborations in food technology.

In addition to academic activities, the visitors were given a tour of the picturesque Lake Constance region by Gabi Frank and Simone Häberle. This included a field trip, further enriching their experience and understanding of the local culture and environment.

The visit was a highly enriching exchange for both institutions, paving the way for future collaboration and strengthening ties in research and academic programs. The focus on agricultural sciences and food technology highlighted mutual interests and the potential for ongoing cooperation in these critical areas. We look forward to a future exchange!