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Some important facts which will help you consider an application at our university


Language of instruction: German

Although some of our degree programmes have an English name, we teach the courses in German. You must have an advanced knowledge of German. We accept the following language certificates as proof of German language competence: TestDaF 4/5, DSH 2/3. If you hold other documents on C1 or C2 level, please contact us in advance.

We do NOT offer language classes. If you need to improve your German before coming to our university, please click here for information on language classes.

High-school leaving certificates / Foreign degrees: Have your documents validated

As the German grading system differs from most other grading systems, your national certificates (high-school leaving certificates, Bachelor degrees, Master degrees etc.) must be transferred to the German grading system. This is done free of charge at the Institute for International Students (Studienkolleg) in Konstanz. The colleagues from Konstanz will issue the certification which you will need for your application. See also our Z6_Fact sheet for foreign and stateless applicants_Freigabe.pdf fact sheet.

Chinese students must have their documents validated by APS in Beijing.

Application: Online application

Please register online. Registration is possible between 
                            1 December - 15 January for the Spring Semester  
and between          1 June  - 15 July for the Winter Semester.
The form is in German only, as the programmes are taught in German. More information and link to our online application can be found here.

Application documents:

After you registered online, you must print the PDF-Version of the online application and sign it. Post this document together with the following documents:

- certification from Institute for International Students
- German language certificate
- certified copy of high-school leaving certificates / foreign degrees, both in the
  original language and a translation into German or English
- CV (must be signed and dated)
- passport photograph
- (only for applications to a Bachelor's degree) documentation of
   "Orientierungstest" (click here for more information in German) 
Chinese students: document from APS in Beijing.

Scholarships: none from the university

Unfortunately we cannot provide scholarships or loans for your study at our university. Information on scholarships from external organisations can be found here.

Tuition Fees: none for EU students/students from European Economic Area (EEA) and none for refugees, 1.500 Euro / semester for all other non-EU-students starting from Winter Semester 2017.

EU-/EEA-member states -students and students with refugee status: You will have to pay administration fees of 141,10 Euros per semester which go mainly to the Student Welfare Service (student housing, student cafeteria etc.). These costs are the same for German and EU-students.

Further reading:
You might also want to read our Fact_sheet_form_HS Albstadt-Sigmaringen.


Do you need additional information?
Please contact

Dr. Conny Bast
International Office
Tel. +49 (0)7571/732-8281 (Mo - Tue)
Tel. +49 (0)7571/732-9205 (We - Fr)

E-Mail: bast(at)