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M.Sc. Data Science

Study plan for M.Sc. Data Science, 120 ECTS credits,

Winter semester (Semester 1): 
Programming for Data Science
Mathematical Foundation for Big Data
 Data Mining
 Business Intelligence and Warehouse
Summer semester (Semester 2):
Databases for Big Data
Web Data Integration
Large Scale Data Analysis and Parallelization
Decision Support
Winter semester (Semester 3):
Optimization Techniques for Data Analysis
Machine Learning
Text Mining
Business Process and Big Data Use Cases
Summer semester (Semester 4):
Summer school
Seminar paper
Winter semester (Semester 5):
In-Memory Databases / OLAP
Web Mining
Semantic Web Technologies
Data Privacy & Data Compliance
Summer semester (Semester 6):
 Master’s thesis
Please keep in mind that M.Sc. Data Science is taught as a distance-learning 
course in German only. 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact
Mr. Tobias Nirschl, nirschl(at)
Do you need additional information?
Please contact
Mr. Tobias Nirschl
Tel. +49 (0)7571/732-9235
E-Mail: nirschl(at)