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M.Sc. Facility and Process Design


Choice option
1) Facility Design and Management (FDM)
2) Product and Process Innovation (PP)
Winter semester (Semester 1, FDM + PP):
Hygienic production
CAD project
Project development / Project management
Technical infrastructure facilities
Information technology
Catering technology and applicances
Planning of production facilities (FDM only)

Summer semester (Semester 2, FDM + PP):
Sustainable production
Planning and decision management
Production and packaging technology
Planning of professional kitchens
Summer Semester (Semester 2, FDM only):
Case Studies
Summer semester (Semester 2, PP only):
Innovation project
Technology and innovation management
Regulatory affairs, sustainability and consumers
Winter semester (Semester 3):
Master’s Thesis
Please keep in mind that all courses are taught in German only.
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